Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


Miracles of Mining – Please Share

The Southern Arizona Business Coalition (SABC) is producing a series of short videos to help education the general public on the importance of mining to just about everyone, everywhere. There is an old saying that if it isn’t grown, its mined. For those of us in the industry we understand the scope of this statement. But for those outside of the industry these words often lack the same power. SABC is working to change this reality by raising awareness on just how dependent on mining we all are. Just about every areas of our modern lives depend on the vast variety of mineral resources provided by the earth.

McCraren Compliance is a proud member of the mining community. Many of us have a family history going back decades with opportunities provided by the mining industry as the path bringing our families to Arizona. As people with a passion for the well being of others, we have closely watched the evolution of the mining industry and its standards for safety. Mining has surpassed many industries holding some of the highest standards for safety. Many of the leading operators continue to raise those standards well above what the law requires.

Mining creates strong communities and often exists in parts of the country where without the mine there would be no community. Mining offers good paying jobs and provides opportunities for skill development. It provides challenging careers in engineering, always searching for new ways to improve processes while lowering risks to its people, the public and the environment. Mining employs geologist, hydrologist and environmental scientist to ensure we mine responsibly and with minimal impact.

Before an operation can even begin they already have a government approved plan for how they will return the land back to nature once their operations are complete.

Please considering sharing this video to spread the Miracles of Mining.