Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


What to Expect During 2017 Road Checks

DOT Compliance Checks

The Roadcheck event gives government, industry, and academia an opportunity to get a measurement of the level of motor carrier safety and security by comparing roadside inspection data to prior years. The 62,796 truck and bus inspections completed during Roadcheck 2016 offered a sizable sample for assessing the current level of motor carrier safety. The Roadcheck is an opportunity to highlight safety and security on our highways. Finally, the Roadcheck event allows an opportunity for those interested in promoting truck and bus safety to participate.

Drivers need to be trained on how an inspector inspects a vehicle and how to follow the instructions. Training should also cover how drivers should handle themselves during a roadside inspection.

A driver could be directed to pull into a fixed or mobile roadside inspection site. The roadside inspection procedure begins with a driver interview.
The interview will include a check of the:

  • Driver credentials (Driver’s License/CDL, medical certificate)
  • Driver’s hours-of-service compliance (logbook or electronic logging device)
  • Carrier and vehicle credential documents (markings, lease agreements, proof of annual inspection, IFTA, IRP, etc.)
  • Shipping papers (bills of lading, HM shipping papers, etc.)

During this time, the officer will also be assessing the driver’s condition. If the driver cannot answer simple questions, cannot follow simple instructions, or appears to have some type of problem, the officer will investigate the driver further to determine if the driver is impaired,fatigued, or cannot speak English. If the vehicle will be inspected as well, the officer will also provide the driver with instructions related to the vehicle portion of the inspection.

CVSA has announced that the special emphasis area at this year’s Roadcheck is cargo securement. As well as emphasizing the securement regulations during inspections, officers will also be checking that drivers are conducting the required enroute cargo securement inspections.

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