Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


Equipment Hazard Alerts

First published by MSHA

Equipment Alert: – Manufacturer Notice – MSA Four Gas Calibration Cylinders – Added 4/30/2021

MSA is issuing this User Safety Notice to inform you of action required for a single production lot of Four Gas Calibration Cylinders (58L). The manufacturer of the cylinders has informed MSA that the torque used to secure the valve to MSA Four Gas Calibration Cylinders in lot 239511 may have been below specification for some cylinders in the lot.

When disconnecting the calibration cylinder from an accessory, such as the Galaxy® GX2 Automated Test System (GX2), there is potential that the cylinder will unthread from the valve. If this happens, the pressure in the cylinder can cause the cylinder to become a projectile.

MSA has not received any reports of injuries associated with this condition. However, we are requesting that you perform the actions outlined in this notice.

The composition and quality of the calibration gas in the cylinders is unaffected by this condition.

MSA is advising all customers remove from service MSA Four Gas Calibration Cylinders (58L) marked with lot 239511 and cylinder part number 10045035. Follow the instructions in this notice before attempting to disconnect a cylinder from an accessory. Dispose of the cylinders in accordance with local regulations and contact MSA for a replacement.

Potentially affected cylinders were sold as part number 10045035. In Brazil, potentially affected 10045035 cylinders were also sold as part of calibration kit part numbers 10195003, 10197496, 10214653 and 219445.

Identifying Potentially Affected Product

Review the cylinder labels for the part number and lot number (See Figure 1). Alternately, if the
cylinder is installed in a GX2 with RFID capability, you can use the test system interface to view the part number and lot number (See Figure 2). Do not loosen a cylinder installed in a GX2 in an attempt to read the label. Your cylinder is impacted if the lot number is 239511 AND cylinder part number is 10045035

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